Body Language is more than just your hands and your head.

Have you ever wondered why our eyes move so much and are all over the place while we are engaged in a conversation?

Is there some connection between the directions towards which our eyes move and what we are talking about?

We all have three basic representational systems in which we think: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. For most people, the visual representational system is the strongest. They think in images.

External behaviours that indicate what kind of internal processing a person is doing are called accessing cues. It was observed that during a conversation the direction towards which our eyes move indicates what representational system we are thinking in. This helps us to understand our prospects and customers and this understanding helps us to sell and better communicate with them.

Join us for this fascinating and informative talk by Grant Courtney of Sales Coach SA.

All those attending will have a turn to tell the group:
• What business you are in
• What referrals you are looking for

Don’t forget to bring your business cards.

When: Tuesday 8 August 2017 @ 08.15am
Cost: R85 includes breakfast & Coffee
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