Are you getting referrals for your business?

If yes: are they high quality?
If no: why not?

We’ll discuss these topics with Bridget Knight from Asentiv South Africa.

About Asentiv:

Asentiv’s mission is to help entrepreneurs: first understand themselves, and then to learn how to build referrals for life. Having personally experienced the challenge of trying to grow a business, without having a referral network, Bridget knows first hand how hard it can be, and believes no one can do it alone. It takes a team of people to succeed.

Bridget took over the operations for Asentiv South Africa and now run workshops for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business, without the old school way of connecting, which is more like selling (handing out business cards, and posting on Facebook, with the hope that someone will read their eye-opening nuggets of wisdom, and decide they want to buy their product or service). If it was that easy, every person that advertised on Facebook would be a millionaire.

All those attending will have a turn to tell the group:
• What business you are in
• What referrals you are looking for

Don’t forget to bring your business cards.

When: Tuesday 13 June 2017 @ 08.15am (to 9.45am)
Cost: R85 includes breakfast & Coffee

Pay at the door or in advance using PayPal (Accepts all credit cards)
($6.40 if asked in dollars)